The Home Visit Doctor. A qualified doctor will be at your home in 60 minutes or less.


General Questions

A doctor at home helps you from avoiding hassles of rushing to the hospital, wait in the queue and be at risk of cross infections. Many have multiple chronic health conditions, are frail, elderly and can’t leave the house on a day to day basis.

This is to gain more medical information about your condition, the request for a house visit and to ensure it is the most appropriate course of action.

FamPhy caters to people with everyday illnesses for which home settings are best suited. Emergencies are better managed in hospital settings.

Yes, this where FamPhy is best suited to help you and your loved ones.

Ideally it is better if you are able to call requesting a house visit as early as possible for us to help you better. Obviously if you become unwell later in the day you cannot help this and should call us.

Yes as long as the request is appropriate. But please ensure your relative knows that we are coming.

After having assessed your condition over the phone the GP may feel it more appropriate that you attend hospital without visiting you. This means that it is safer and quicker for you to get the medical attention you need.

Unfortunately the majority of the time you cannot specify the doctor you wish to see for a house visit. It will depend on the doctors allocated for house visits on the day. Our home doctors are equipped with the history of patients that have been seen by us earlier through a very sophisticated electronic medical record system (EMR) are supported by evidence based practice guidelines which helps create standardisation in practice.

Ideally pets should be kept in another room before the doctor arrives as it can be a distraction during the consultation. It is important that we can concentrate fully on your medical problems without the distraction of pets running about the room.

If your house is difficult to find or the street name/house number not signposted it would make it easier if we know this beforehand so we can get better directions about how to find it quickly.

Although when performing house visits we have brief medical information about you it can be a good idea to have a list of the medication you take or the medication boxes to make it easier for us to determine the medications you are taking. You can prepare this before we arrive.